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“Babe are you ready?” Chris came in my room and asked me.

“Yeah, how do I look?” I did a quick turn so he could get a full view of my outfit.

“You look good, real good.” He smiled showing his dimples off.

“It’s not over doing it or not doing enough?”

“No you’re fine, come…




Walking down the hall I tried my best to ignore the ugly stares and rude comments that came at me constantly. You would think I would be used to this ignorant bullshit but who really gets used to being called a whore every single day.

Hurrying to my locker I opened it and put my…

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Chapter 19: My Girl



“Babe are you ready?” Chris came in my room and asked me.

“Yeah, how do I look?” I did a quick turn so he could get a full view of my outfit.

“You look good, real good.” He smiled showing his dimples off.

“It’s not over doing it or not doing enough?”

“No you’re fine, come on before we’re late. I’m not trying to get cursed out by Elise and Kyra.”

“Alright come on,” I chuckled grabbing my purse and phone then made my way downstairs. “Is everybody already there?”

“Yeah and you got us late.” We walked out of the house and got in his car after I locked up.

“How do you think tonight is going to go? Mijo is there right?”

“He’s there,” Chris chuckled. “I don’t know, hopefully nothing crazy happens.” I shook my head as he pulled off down the street.

Tonight were we all going to Kyra’s restaurant opening, she had everything done within a month. Come to find out she was already in talks on spot for her restaurant she was just keeping it a secret so she wouldn’t jinx herself. This bitch had the inspection done and all of that. I was a little upset about it just because I wanted to help but hey, it’s her business she has to make the moves she feels are right.

After a thirty minute drive he pulled up in front of her restaurant. Of course it was packed like no tomorrow. You would think the president just rolled up the way people were crowded around and snapping pictures. The paparazzi had cameras flashing on us before we could even get out the damn car good.

“Chill out,” Chris laughed at the annoyed expression on my face before getting out. After his body guard that I nicknamed Hulk moved everybody out of the way Chris came around on my side and opened my door helping me out of the car.

As soon as we started walking towards the entrance the questions started. “CHRIS! ARE YOU TWO OFFICIAL?! We heard about a dozen times. Chris laughed and turned to one of the cameras.

“Yeah man, now move out of the way.” He grabbed my hand and we walked inside.

“You’re about to have my mentions going crazy.” I giggled.

“Oh well, it’s not like I was lying.” He smiled wrapping his arms around me from behind before kissing my neck. He wasn’t lying, we were official. We’ve been official for about three weeks now. He asked me to be his girlfriend the last night we were in Hawaii.

That trip was everything i will say that much. I had so much fun with him. Watching him perform was the best part about it. I could tell he loved what he did so much. It just made me happy to be able to watch him in his element.

As far as him asking me to be his girlfriend, it wasn’t all formal or out of the way romantic. We were literally just lying in my room watching a movie.


“Why didn’t you try out for basketball?” I randomly asked without taking my eyes off of Omar Epps fine ass. We were in my room watching Love & Basketball and I am not too ashamed to say I was lusting.

“Singing came first. Why?”

“I don’t know just felt like asking.” I shrugged. “Omar Epps is fine as hell.” I absentmindedly said aloud.

“I look better than him,” Chris said and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“You thought,” I cackled.

“Whatever get on Sanaa’s level,” He said back and I shrugged.

“If I could I would, she still looks like that too. Black does not crack one bit.”

“Let me ask you something, does this remind you of us?”


“The movie, two friends who end up being together.”

“I see where you going but it’s not the same. They were childhood friends, I’ve known you for a couple of months and we’re not together.”

“Who says we’re not?”

“I did, Chris we hang out but we’re not in a relationship.”

“We could be though.”

“Could be?”

“Yeah, if you say yes.”

“I would have to be asked a question in order to say yes.”

“Fuck the question let’s make an agreement.”

“An agreement?” I laughed. “What kind of agreement?”

“I’ll make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich if you’ll be my girlfriend.” He grinned.

“Are you serious?”

“I’m dead ass serious, be my girlfriend Shayla.” He brought his face closer to mines and kissed me.

“Alright, I will on one condition.”


“You have to make me two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and I want a big ass cup of chocolate milk. Don’t be stingy with the chocolate syrup this time.” I smiled.

“I got you,” He got up and ran out of the room. I was sitting there for about five minutes before he came back in the room holding a plate that had the sandwiches on it and a big cup of chocolate milk. “Here, you’re my girlfriend now?”

“You have to pass the taste test first.” It took me all of five minutes to demolish both sandwiches. I drank down the cup of milk without even putting it down. When I was done I looked at him.


“It was good, so yes I’ll be your girlfriend.” I laughed at the smile that broke out on his face. “I do have a question now that it’s official.”

“What’s up?”

“Can you go make me two more sandwiches?” He laughed before pulling me close to him.

“In a minute,” He smirked and kissed me on the lips.

-Flashback Over-

We walked inside the dining area of the restaurant and went over to the table our people were at. They were in a section that was ducked off from the rest of the restaurant. I’m guessing to keep people from running up to the tables we were at. Sitting at the table was Elise, Bow, Tyga, Chyna, Heather, Trell, Mijo, and Trey. It was more celebrities here just sitting at different tables.

“About time you niggas got here damn,” Elise was the first one to speak up.

“Shut up it’s not like anybody is eating yet.” I playfully waved her off. “Anyway, hi,” I waved at everybody before sitting down next to Chris. “Where is Kyra?”

“In the kitchen, she’ll be out in a little while.” Mijo answered. I didn’t say anything about how weird it was for him to be the one to answer a question about Kyra especially when she does not like his ass too much right now.

I looked around and smiled. “This is so cute. Elise is this your first time seeing it?”

“Yeah, she said the set up was already like this she just bought some new furniture and changed the color scheme. She did great on it.”

“I’m mad she didn’t let us plan this though.” I shook my head. I really wanted to help her with the whole event thing but she wanted to do everything on her own. I couldn’t be too upset over it, this is her baby. She worked her ass off to get to this point so I understand why she would want to do everything on her own.

“You’ll get over it.” Chris said and I plucked him.

We all talked about random stuff for a couple of minutes only to have our conversation stopped by Kyra talking through a mic. 

I turned around to see her standing in the middle of the room. I couldn’t help but smile while looking at her. She looked so happy I could tell she was proud of herself as she should.

“For those of you who don’t know I’m Kyra Barnes and I just want to thank everybody who came out tonight for the grand opening of my restaurant Avenue K. I’ve been working to get here for a long time and to finally have everything coming into place is a blessing so thank you for the people who supported me through everything. The people are going to support me in the future I’m very grateful for all of this.” She said and everybody clapped.

“Yasss Ky!” Elise yelled out and we all laughed.

“Thank you Elise,” Kyra giggled. “I know you’ve been sitting here for a minute but I was just making sure everything was perfect for you guys. If you’ll look at the menus that are face down in front of your place settings you’ll see the menu for tonight. I hope you like everything, thank you again.” She smiled putting the mic down.

She shook hands and talked to a few people before making her way over to us. “Yeah Kyra!” Chris yelled out making all of us laugh. He and Elise take the cake for being so loud mouths.

“You look so pretty Ky,” I hugged her when she came over to me.

“Thank you, my heart was racing up there man.” She giggled.

“You did really well; it’s a good turnout in here too.”

“I know, thanks to these big heads.” She said talking about Chris, Tyga Bow and Trey.

“I told you we got you baby girl.” Trey smiled at her.

“Yeah well thank you. The food will be out in a minute for y’all. I’ll be out after that I just need to make sure everybody is moving the way they need to. I’ll be right back.” Kyra told us before walking off.

“So, Mijo.” Elise started and I shook my head. What the hell was this girl about to say to this man? “When are you going to stop being a little boy and quit playing?”

“What are you talking about?” He asked her.

“I’m talking about you and Kyra. You know you want her, we all know you do. You were staring so hard I thought your eyes were about fall out of your head.”

“It doesn’t even matter, we’re not about to talk about this.” Mijo shook his head.

“Listen all I’m telling you is. If you want the girl you better stop playing and go get her before somebody else. He;; I’ll help her find another nigga since you like lying and shit.”

“Elise stop,” Bow told her but she waved him off.

“Nope, I’m telling him the truth. He’s sitting there like a lost puppy when he knows all he has to do is walk his ass in the kitchen and tell Kyra he wants to be with her. If she finds somebody else I’ll be damned if he goes into Drake mode wanting a girl he can’t have because he was being stupid.”

“Elise you don’t even know the full story.” Mijo told her.

“I don’t give a damn get your ass up and go talk to that girl. You know you want to quit being scary. Get it up and go.” Shaking his head Mijo got up from the table and walked off.

“You hurt the boy’s feelings.” Chyna told Elise.

“No I didn’t he’s going to the kitchen.”

“Your nosey ass just couldn’t leave it alone huh?” I asked her.

“Nope,” She grinned.



“Everything is fine Ms. Barnes, they love the food.” One of my chefs told me and I smiled.

“Thank you, seriously you don’t even understand.”

“I do, you’re going to be great and so is the restaurant.” She smiled before going back to work.

“Kyra,” I heard from behind me so I turned around. When I did the smile I just had on my face vanished when I saw Barry standing there. This nigga is going to be the reason I commit a murder.

“Barry why are you back here?”

“I need to talk to you.”

“Well I’m busy. Get out.”

“Ky just listen to me alright.”

“No I have things to do.”

“One minute alright just give me one minute.” He pleaded. I huffed and walked out of the kitchen and towards the bathroom where nobody was at the moment.

“You have sixty seconds. Go,” I folded my arms over my chest.

“This is really nice, you did a good job.” He chuckled nervously. It was a nice compliment but I didn’t walk over here to hear that shit.

“Tick tock,”

“Alright, alright. Look I’m sorry for what I did alright.”

“What exactly are you sorry for Barry? Sorry for making me believe I was more important to you than what I am. Or are you sorry for embarrassing me at the club a few weeks back?”

“All of it, I didn’t know you wanted more out of the relationship Ky.”

“So you’re going to sit here and tell me you didn’t think I would have a problem with being just a fuck buddy to you?”

“I thought you knew what it was.”

“That’s bullshit Barry and you know it. I spent so much time around you, I showed you who the fuck I was so don’t sit here and tell me there was any way you got that fucking impression.”

“I said I’m sorry,”

“And I say its bullshit. What’s wrong? Are you upset that I’m not sitting around depressed over you?”

“It’s not even like that.”

“So what the fuck is it then? You were alright with being around me but you couldn’t see yourself in a relationship with me.”

“I wasn’t ready for a relationship Ky!” He yelled in frustration. “I wasn’t ready to have anybody as my girlfriend or put that out there.”

“Okay and? What is that supposed to mean to me? You didn’t want to claim me, oh yeah that’s great to hear.”

“I’m sorry I hurt you, I’m sorry that I treated you like that. I was an asshole.”

“What do you want from me right now Barry seriously?”

“I want you to say you’ll give me another chance. I’m not going to do the same bullshit before I’m sorry.”

Looking at him I tried my best to avoid the sincerity in his eyes. I didn’t want to feel this right now; I didn’t want my feelings for him to show. I just wanted to open my restaurant and go to bed happy. Not think about all of this bullshit on one of the biggest nights of my life.

“Your minute is up, I have to go finish checking on everything.”

“Kyra please,”

“No Barry just stop. Not here and not right now. I’m not doing this. You can be ready for me all you want but that doesn’t mean the feeling is mutual.” I shook my head at him before walking off.

That was hard to do. I wanted to be with him since the day we met but just knowing that he didn’t want that hurt like hell. He did all of that stupid shit with the girls in my face and I’m supposed to just avoid it because he’s ready? No, that’s not how it works. Now I’m not ready so he just has to wait for me or keep it pushing. His actions will speak way louder than his words.

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I laughed so ugly when she called them that, like damn she was at their lives.. Chris is gon be learning the hard way, and we'll see how that goes.. The rest of this trip should be good, hopefully.

she just went at them with not a care in the world lol