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Origingal Chris Brown & Lauren London fan fiction
Chris a real nigga, for telling her wassup.. Shay has to try and ignore the negativity.. Ty is right though, Chris need to slow down, cause I don't think he wants to hurt Shay. he actually cares bout her, so he needs to find his chill & take it slow.

Ignoring the idiots are easier said than done lol

I feel him on chilling for awhile. I'm sure Shay will understand. I think it will be good for both of them. Good for Shay because she needs to learn how not to lean on people and become her own person. Good for Chris because he needs to learn how to control himself and also become his own person. If they both get into the relationship dependent on each other then things will go bad.

it could go bad but they’re not dependent on each other now so i doubt if they switch up out of nowhere but you’ make a really good point

I think Chris needs to stop thinking and let things flow. He is currently over thinking things. Chris should take things slow and just continue to get to know Shayla and see where things go. If he is ready to commit, be faithful, and only has eyes for Shayla then see where that relationship takes them then.

He’s just scared to hurt her but you’re right he just needs to relax

I feel like if Chris tries to leave her alone now she's going to be confused and kinda hurt by it so I think he should just talk with her

if he doesn’t explain why she will be

I don't think shsyla should worry too much about what people say to her, but there are people who doesn't like to be talked about or wants to be like by everyone. I think Chris will do more damage if he backs off of her now... Idk

she doesn’t care if everybody likes her. she just doesn’t like the fact that she is attacked just because she’s seen with him.

Okay first lemme say I LOVE this story. Just for the simple fact that you actually incorporate instagram, texts and twitter in the story. It makes it seem so much more realistic. your choice for characters A1 and the plot in general is GREAT. I truly hope you will continue this story!

thank you!

I sent you feedback

where is it?

Shayla shouldn't fret over irrelevant individuals and their meaningless words. As long as she knows who she is then fuck those idiots because they don't know her.

true but when you have that amount of hate coming at you for no reason how would you feel?

Shayla needs to man up. Lol. Sorry not sorry

she needs to man up? alright so you feel like she shouldn’t feel some type of way about more than a couple dozen people calling her a hoe and being disrespectful to her just because she’s around him? 

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